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From startup to Heritage Bank Business of the Year 2018
Monkey Business Catering is winner of the prestigious Heritage Bank Business of the Year award 2018. In this article we express their gratitude to all those who contributed to their success.
“How do you feel?” …
We were so stunned, delighted and overwhelmed to be the winner of the 2018 Heritage Bank Business Excellence Award Business of the Year!
Since Saturday there has been a flurry of TV interviews, newspaper articles, and congratulations via email/phone/social media.

It is catch-our-breath time and I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who make Monkey Business Catering possible is both small and big ways. For those of you that know us, you know we value you. For those that don’t this will be an exciting moment to find out just how many people and organisations are involved in a start-up!

In no particular order, our heartfelt gratitude goes to:

The Staff

  • Emma: for being a delivery genius (please don’t have any more babies – we don’t do that type of delivery!)
  • Gayle: for such a beautiful positive attitude even when we are under pressure, never lose it!
  • Amanda: for bringing joy to our workplace and make it so easy for us to talk to people about our awesomeness
  • Ashley: for saying the things that we find hard to say about ourselves, for fighting the marketing dragon for us
  • Kristina: for never doubting, even at the very shaky beginning
  • Malcolm: for washing, tasting, slicing, dicing, cleaning and being our backbone
  • Elvie: for coming in at short notice and washing endless dishes for your “coffee money”
  • Kerry: for letting me hand you 30 meters of fabric and turning it into such professional, unique aprons and food wraps

The Suppliers

  • Provincial: for Mike and his ordering and delivery team! My heroes! Some days they feel like one of my staff as they spend so much time dropping delivers off to us
  • Executive Distributors: for juggling our pre-orders and endless patience when we are developing new products in suggesting/quoting/showing packaging options
  • Westridge Fruit and Veg: for your value of quality and attitude that no order small or great is beyond you (and Tony, for feeding me extra bits of fruit when you think I look tired!)
  • Deb’s Bakery: for Josh, Callum and their team being out of bed and delivering even before us (which is no mean feat!)
  • Vision Accountants: for Michelle & Co. answering my questions and keeping us financially on track
  • PMA Insurance/Trilogy Insurance: for keeping us insured and keeping us out of trouble

The Community

The Clients

We have so many amazing ones and to single out a few would put the others in an uproar!

  • For those that took us on when we were brand new and untried
  • For those that hand us your training calendar for the whole year for pre-catering bookings
  • For those that come back again and again and have made us part of their business family
  • For those that send through feedback, the good, the bad and the bizarre
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will do extra special Christmas deliciousness for you!

The Big Guy

My final thank you is the biggest and fills my heart with awe. When I look at what has happened in the last four years it is miraculous. How do you explain a four-year-old business, still operating out of a garage conversion/commercial kitchen, that started with $12,000 in cash and some second-hand equipment, turning into the Business of the Year?

Sure … a lot of hard work.

But … most of all God’s intervention and blessing. So … Father, the last thank you is to You. May our next four year’s journey with You also blow my mind as you continue to show us what is possible with You. If You ask me to take a leap of faith again, I will do it.

Amy Thompson (Head Monkey)

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