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Introducing Elegant Vintage Hire: Toowoomba’s charming vintage hire

A marrying of passions 

Looking for vintage hire in the Toowoomba area? Monkey Business Catering is passionate about bringing you great tasting, hassle-free food.

We are delighted to share a new passion with you …  

Helen Anderson, at Elegant Vintage Hire, is just as passionate about vintage tableware as we are about food! We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Elegant Vintage Hire, to bring you Helen’s unique collection of vintage serving ware for all your catering needs.  

As the business continues to grow, we are often asked about whether we hire equipment. So, in response, we have reached out to Helen to offer you that something special for your next event. Available in a range of themed vintage tableware packages, these striking settings will complement any event; be it a wedding, birthday party, gender reveal baby shower, engagement party or charity fundraiser.  

What better way to up the ante at your event than with a stunning array of vintage tableware. From mismatched teacups and saucers to elegant crystal glassware. Check out our new Elegant Vintage Hire page for packages, pricing and inspiration for your event.  

Introducing Helen 

Helen’s vintage calling started at age three, with entreaties to her grandmother to recite tales of the ‘olden days’.  

“I have always collected and accumulated things … driven by a fascination for social history, and an artistic passion for texture, scale, form and colour,” says Helen.  

Helen’s true vintage career began at age nine, with her first collection – one of antique bottles dug up from the “Bottle Dump” (a gully near her childhood home).  

When her trove of vintage treasures began to outgrow her home, Helen decided it was time to share some of her pieces. Thus Elegant Vintage Hire was born.  

“Becoming a business meant I could keep collecting!”    

Helen says her most beloved pieces are her cheerful yellow teapot with custom design metal cozy, made in England and her cup and saucer by Johnson Bros. England (a sentimental reminder of the 1950s).  

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“I use it every day for my morning cuppa. I love how the felt-lined cozy keeps the tea hot throughout the morning. Tea should be drunk by the pot-full, right?” 

Check out Helen’s vintage collection on Instagram and Monkey Business’s exclusive Elegant Vintage Hire packages.

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