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Weddings On a Budget: How Much Should I Budget for Food at a Wedding Reception?

Weddings can be as expensive or as affordable as you like. If you are planning a wedding be prepared to be pushed towards spending an obscene amount of money. Before you end up in a financial bind, take a deep breath and read on. 

There is hope for your budget, for not starting married life with a debt. Let’s talk about the food …  

Realistically, the amount (per head) you spend on food is always going to be dictated by: 

  • The meal period you choose to cater for 
  • The degree of service you choose 

Meal periods
Expensive: Dinner
Mid-range: High tea or brunch
Affordable: High tea, morning or afternoon teas 

Style of service
Expensive: Full service (waiters, on-site chefs, hired equipment, marque set-up, tables, chairs, real cutlery and plates)
Mid-range: Serviced buffet (waiters, hot food, help-yourself) 
Affordable: Drop, set-up and run (set-up and then you are on your own!) 

For the affordable options which will be something simple, delicious, special and fresh I would recommend that you start your budget at $25 per person for a High Tea or Canape reception. This would give you drop, set-up and run options without the frills. If you add on waiters, equipment or real plates and cutlery this will be where it starts to creep up in cost.

Whatever you choose, we hope that your wedding day shares your joy with the people you love in a stress-free way! 

Check out our menu for more pricing ideas.

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