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Delicious and Easy

We offer two types of catering service!

Drop & Run Catering

Our team will deliver the food in environmentally friendly disposable packaging, help you store or set out your order and then leave you to it! Nothing to return to us making it deliciously easy.

Staffed Catering (aka The Whole Shebang)

Your catering will be supplied with staff (experienced chefs, bar and wait staff) who can run your event, cook on site and clean up afterwards. We also have equipment hire options available, so you can have real china and crockery!

Give us a call on 0406 141 682 or email catering@mkbusiness.com.au to find out more. 


Download Regular Menu PDF
Cheese Box
(For those that have gone a bit Crackers and need Cheese!) We have the cutest two-person cheese boxes with Aussie cheese, crackers, fresh fruits...
Edible Kitchen Science Activity Box
This iso pack was created by our lovely Susan who was once a Primary School Teacher! They are edible Kitchen Science Activity packs good for up to...

Please note our breakfasts have a minimum order of 10 people per item.

A cup of natural yoghurt soaked oats mixed with spices, apple, nuts, seasonal fruit & toasted coconut
Freshly baked flaky croissant stuffed with ham, cheese, tomato & baby spinach
Crusty bread roll filled with bacon, baby spinach, baked egg & tomato chipotle
On-the-go breakie box includes 350ml juice, two mini herby bacon quiches, chocolate drizzled danish & fruit
Packed breakie box with 350ml juice, avocado, boiled eggs, baby spinach, tomato, ham, feta & toasted pinenuts
Farmer’s Plain and Ginger Date Scones served with raspberry jam & whipped cream (1.5pp). Minimum 10
Australian Mini Lemon Myrtle Dampers served with butter & golden syrup (1pp). Minimum 10
Individual creamy coconut sago cups topped with raspberries & toasted coconut (1pp). Minimum 10
Platter of freshly baked White Chocolate Raspberry muffins & Blueberry Coconut muffins (1pp). Minimum 10
Seeded Bacon muffins & Feta Semi-Dried Tomato muffins served with chutney & butter (1pp). Minimum 10
Jaffa & Lemon Delight Bliss Balls made from crushed nuts, dried fruit & coconut (2pp)
Mixed sample tray with three types of our delectable slice bites. Flavours vary
Slices of gluten & dairy free Banana Blueberry, Pumpkin Spice & Fruit Cake. Flavours vary (2pp)
Mixed platter of mini danishes, freshly baked & drizzled with white chocolate
Mixed platter of homemade hot mini savouries with sauce. Flavours vary
Small fruit platter suitable for up to 6 people with five types of seasonal fruit cut into bite sized pieces
Large fruit platter suitable for up to 18 people with five types of seasonal fruit cut into bite sized pieces
Cinnamon honey yoghurt dipping sauce perfect accompaniment to our large or small fruit platter
Cheesy corn & bacon hot cobb loaf dip served with bread chips & veggies sticks. Suitable for up to 10 people
Baby cheese platter with brie, edam, aged cheddar, grapes, strawberries, variety of crackers, dried fruit & walnuts
Large platter with brie, edam, aged cheddar, grapes, strawberries, variety of crackers, dried fruit & walnuts
A selection of brie, aged cheddar, edam, salami, kabana, tomatoes, olives, crackers, dried fruit & walnuts
Individual sandwich wedges. Choose from: Chicken Mayo, Beef Caramelised Onion, Ham Mustard, Hummus Salad
Mixed sandwich platter with three types of fillings. Flavours vary. (1.5pp/6 triangles)
Gluten Free sandwich made on a soft roll with delicious meat & salad filling
Mixed wrap platter with two types of filling. Cut in halves for easy eating. Flavours vary
Herby Focaccia sandwiches filled with Mustard Roast Beef Salad & Chicken Balsamic Beetroot Salad
Mixed sandwich platter with Baked Zucchini Ricotta bites. Minimum 15
Roast vegetable salad box perfect for dietary requirements. Flavours vary. Most popular flavour Lemon Myrtle Pumpkin
Mixed ham & roast beef platter, fresh rolls, a seasonal garden salad and your choice of two salads. Minimum 15
Wraps & sandwiches with cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, cheese cubes, hummus dip, carrot & cucumber sticks. Minimum 10
Singapore noodles with salad veggies, mint, basil, cashews, chicken & a homemade soy dressing

Perfect for site visits, bus trips, conferences & boardroom meetings! Minimum order of 5 applies per box type.

Includes Focaccia Sandwich, 350ml fresh juice, three slice bites & seasonal fruit. Flavours vary
Roast Beef & Lemon Myrtle Sweet Potato Salad, 350ml fresh juice, two Bliss Balls, Coconut Sago Pudding Cup & fruit
$ -
Enquire within!

Please note our hot meals have a minimum order of 8 people per meal.

Individual pork picnic pie filled with apple, smoky paprika, onion, tomato, bacon & egg served with seeded salad
Build your own Angus beef or lamb focaccia burgers choosing from sauces, vintage cheddar, avocado, baby spinach, beetroot & salad
Build your own pulled pork roll by choosing from platters with creamy homemade coleslaw, baby spinach, tomato and cucumber
Creamy semi-dried tomato, basil & chicken risotto served with seasonal garden salad and herb bread
Our very own beef lasagne served with seasonal garden salad and herb bread

Please note our desserts have a minimum order of 20 people per dessert.

Baked raspberry & apple topped with a nutty spiced crumble served with vanilla custard.
Creamy caramel cheesecake with a chocolate base served with vanilla custard.
Individual fruit cakes topped with flaked almonds and sticky toffee served with rum cream.
Grazing Tables
We custom each grazing table to suit your numbers, meal period & dietary requirements. A flat fee of $250 is charged. To cover table setup (2...

We can bake you a fresh cake! These cakes can be made in either a 20x30cm rectangle or a 30cm circle.

Delicious Traditional Carrot Cake with a lemon cream cheese icing
Zesty Orange Sour Cream Cake topped with a juice glaze
Rich Mississippi Dark Chocolate Mud Cake topped with a decadent ganache
Chocolatey Red Velvet Cake topped with fluffy Marshmallow icing
We can custom write a plaque for your cake!
All of our cakes are also delicious as gluten free. There is an additional $7 charge to bake them as gluten free
Our carrot cake is dairy free when un-iced. We can ice it with Lactose free cream cheese icing for an additional $7

We recommend that you order 4 per person for a pre-meal snack serve ($14pp) or 8 pieces per person ($28pp) for a dinner serving. Minimum order of 20 per canape.

Creamy white wine mini chicken salads served in petit lettuce leave and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds
Baked tartlets filled with caramelised onion, fresh thyme and feta
Nutty brown rice salad served in tiny lettuce cups and topped with crunchy pepitas
Beautifully pipped creamy mint pea on cucumber rounds topped with crispy pancetta
Perfect bite sized flaky sausage roll containing Hoisin Pork mixed with Asian vegetables
Petit baked ricotta coins topped with pesto garnished with a wedge of cherry tomato
Chunks of ham wrapped pineapple with a wholegrain mustard glaze
Crunchy cucumber rounds topped with hummus, grilled capsicum and toasted sesame seeds
Flaky pastry rolled with roast beef, wholegrain mustard & parmesan cheese topped with parsley
Grilled bread rubbed with garlic & olive oil topped with lemony grilled zucchini and crispy prosciutto
High Tea Package
$25.00 pp
Includes Tea & Coffee Station (with urn hire if required), 3 ribbon sandwiches, 3 petit treats & 2 canapes per person. Gluten Free...
Individual 600ml bottle of water
Includes coffee bags, variety of tea bags, sugar, milk, disposable cups & teaspoons
$ -
To hire any equipment (e.g. mugs, teaspoons, teapots) we can put you in touch with a hire company
Individual 350ml bottle of premium mixed fresh juice. Choose from Berry Bang, Energy Lift & Superfruit Immune
Large 2 litre bottle of fresh orange juice, perfect for sharing with up to 6 people

Menu Legend: 
GF – Gluten Free
DF – Dairy Free
V – Vegetarian
Ve – Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Free
* – Alteration available to suit the listed dietary requirements
(pp) – Number of pieces per serve per person
Minimum – Please note that some of our products have minimum order numbers