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Funeral catering Toowoomba: How much should a wake cost & how to make it easy

Are you looking for funeral catering? There are very few reasons why you would be reading this apart from if you are undergoing a season of change & grief.  

Sometimes the details of someone passing adds another layer of trauma to an already difficult situation, so I have been motivated to write this to give a little direction for expectation and a way of minimising unnecessary pain. 

I promise to keep it brief & to the point. 

How much should funeral (wake) catering cost?

This price guide is typical of Queensland, Australia. 

Outside of that or in Brisbane there may be some variation.

Per Person

Morning Tea LunchAfternoon Tea
Basic (Cold food only)$5 per person$12 per person$5 per person
Decent (Hot food options)$8 per person$15 per person$8 per person
Premium$15 per person$30 per person$15 per person
Add for Drinks$5 per person$5 per person$5 per person
Add for Service Staff$1 per person$2 per person$1 per person

For 100 People

Morning Tea LunchAfternoon Tea
Basic (Cold food only)$500$1,200$500
Decent (Hot food options)$800$1,500$800
Add for Drinks$500$500$500
Add for Service Staff$100$200$100

What to do to make it easy?

  • Always have bottles of chilled water. Some people won’t eat but they will drink up to 800ml of water per person. We are a hot country & this means that we need that water. I am sad to say that over half the funerals I have attended have had someone faint either from dehydration or grief.  Have the water ready.
  • Have all your food in disposable packaging. This can be cardboard platters, foil trays or things of that nature. Makes clean up easy & less stressful. Nothing to return, no hire equipment to think about.
  • Use disposable plate, napkins & cups. Washing up is something that you don’t need to be thinking of on the day of a funeral … so don’t!
  • Arrange to have any leftovers donated to a local charity. Catering for wakes is hard as you never know how many will be able to attend. We always to donate leftovers to Rosies (they feed the homeless). Their main branch number is 07 3396 4267. There are outreaches in most major centres and they will offer the food in the name of your loved one. 

We have taken making it easy a step further and have our own Funeral Wake Package Menu. Check that out for further information or you can contact us at catering@mkbusiness.com.au with questions. 

A human who cares will answer. 

Amy (aka The Head Monkey)

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