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5 Tips for staying sane in the first 2 years of business

Need tips for on staying sane in the first two years of business? It’s no secret 9 out of 10 small business’ fail in the first two years. If you are doing it right, throw yourself into making sure that it doesn’t fail simply due to your laziness. The world owes you nothing. Orders won’t come just because you choose a business name and register an ABN.

Set boundaries

What this meant for me was that during the first two years, my life was insane. I didn’t know where or when the next job would come from, what hours I needed to work or what days I would be working. And for most of it, I didn’t have any permanent staff to back me up.

In addition to that, for the first two years, I worked at a Registered Training Organisation as a trainer during the afternoons to make sure that I had enough money for food. I have fond memories of using the teaching breaks (all 10 minutes of them) to return client phone calls and book events.

So here’s talking to you 2014-Amy: set some boundaries.

Be balanced

Be intentional about being balanced:

  1. Have at least one day off a week (yes, it’s totally worth hiring someone to do Sundays. Either pay the penalty rates or close on Sundays … but DO IT, have a day off)
  2. Find a hobby were you have to send an hour outside every couple of days doing something physical (hello, gardening! Have I turned into my grandmother yet?)
  3. Spend time with your people: family, friends, whatever
  4. Don’t use your busy life as an excuse to distance yourself from your community (there are 6 pm church services for a REASON!)
  5. Get involved in the business community (e.g., join your local Chamber of Commerce: they have all been on your journey and succeeded. Learn from them).

These five things have made all the difference in my being able to continue and enjoy the journey.

Wherever you are at (thinking of starting a business/in the first five years/an old hat at business/or just being entertained by those of us on that journey), my prayer for you is that you don’t just merely live but that you ENJOY your life.

Here’s to the journey!

Amy Thompson
Head Monkey

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