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8 Questions Every Caterer Will Ask You

If your caterer is worth their salt (and trust me when I say we use a lot of it!) they should be asking you the following questions, at a bare minimum, when you are enquiring or making a booking with them:

  1. What date is your event? 
  2. How many people will be attending?
  3. What time would you like the food to be served or eaten?
  4. When and where would you like delivery? OR When will you be collecting?
  5. What food would you like to order? AND/OR Is there a specific budget you are working with?
  6. Do you have any dietary requirements?
  7. Who will be the on-the-day site contact and what is their mobile number?
  8. What are your contact details: Name, phone, email, business name (if applicable)?

If you are having an event were you will need on-site service, equipment hire and staffing, you will end up being asked more questions. And expect to have your catering cost spike significantly if you ask for any of these things!

Smoothen the booking process by preparing your answers to these questions ahead of time.

Happy catering!

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