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How to (budget) style a rustic country Wedding

Welcome to the enchanting world of the rustic country Wedding! In this article, Helen Anderson and Amy Thompson guide you through the art of creating an authentic and personalised experience, filled with charming decorations, vintage crockery, and nature-inspired elements. Get ready to embark on a journey that celebrates love, family, and the beauty of the countryside.

It’s a country love story, baby, just say yes.

Taylor Swift (Love Story lyrics)

Congratulations! You are about to enter the wonderful world of ‘’Rustic Country’’ Wedding style. Warning: it is a broad field.

I am betting that you have already have done an Internet search and turned up hay bales, rustic log rounds, old bottles, corrugated iron and burlap.

But what is the actual heart and soul of country? Authentic rustic country is first of all about creating a feeling. It is the little things that create this feeling of comfort, home, community and belonging. Also just plain gorgeousness.

Your reception venue is the perfect place for these personal touches, and where they will be noticed the most.


Firstly, you need to decide on your venue. There are so many options out there. Take your time and have a look through the options.


Once you have decided on your venue, you need to choose what meal period and when you will feed your people at your reception. You don’t have to have a traditional evening meal! High teas and brunch are also gorgeous options.

The most common styles of service are:

  • Traditional alternate drop meals
  • The ultimate buffet
  • Grazing tables
  • Harvest family style share platters
  • Canapes
  • High tea

Brainstorming and rustic country Wedding decoration time!

Once you know where and in what way you will feed your people, you can focus on the decorations of your venue. Take care in the presentation of your reception venue where your guests will relax and celebrate your special day.  

We recommend that you think of two or three iconic things about you as a couple. These things can then be part of the corner stone of your planning to give your decorations a personal touch. 

We have had a couple who refurnish vintage items use those in décor or another whose Grandmother was incredibly supportive so her tea set was used as part of buffet setup.

Make these things that are personal to you both! 


Next choose your rustic country Wedding colours. Texture and muted tones will work well. These you can echo through your flowers, bridesmaids dresses and general décor.

You can add some dusky pink, ivory ribbon or a wisp of foliage to the napery for a touch of elegance and watch the harmony happen.  

These will give you a ‘benchmark’ and something to cohesively tie your decorations together.

Embrace the outdoors

Rustic country Wedding style is very much about our great outdoors. So we are completely in favour of the “Gather from the hedgerows” philosophy (or as we do in Australia, the roadside verges around our home towns). 

This means go out and look at what is growing in your local area. Pepperina berries (at their peak during Autumn) and Queen Anne’s Lace (blooming mid-summer) are fine examples of country foliage that you could use in your decor.  

Family members (think Grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles) with established gardens may be able to provide some old fashioned plants. Such as lavender, or succulents, and these can lend a lovely touch. Whether used as centre pieces with some props, or strewn the length of a banquet style table, greenery, wild flowers and even dried grasses make a romantic and relaxed country statement. 

Dress those tables!

The props and crockery featured on the tables will centre everyone’s thoughts on you as a couple now and into the future. This is because your guests will most likely see something familiar, reminding them of a favourite aunty or a much loved grandparent. And just like that, the good feelings will flow. There will be a sense of ample time and long days. You aim here is to tell a story which draws wisdom from the past and presents it as a future dream.

If you have chosen to have a sit down reception those iconic couple things that you brainstormed way back at the beginning are perfect for table centrepieces. You might even like these gorgeous trestle tables available to hire at vintage grey.

Don’t waste your time on modern, plain white crockery hire. Splash out and hire some gorgeous crockery, cutlery and china hire items.

Vintage linens are an undervalued décor item. They have a practical use but also add texture and a romantic touch.

Make it a family affair

Another fundamental of the rustic country style is that it is centred around community. So have the special people in your life help gather and set up.  Nothing makes preparation more special than being surrounded by those you love. The individuality of your family and styling will be everyone’s reward.

Variety is key

A memorable wedding is unique. Make it personal to you, embrace elements from our beautiful country, look at gorgeous vintage hire items and incorporate your family and friends into the process. The details like a simple rose motif or vintage pattern on a plate can make the difference between a ‘same old, same old’ reaction or genuine unique fascinated enjoyment.  

Above all we wish you the best for your very special day!

The Elegant and Head Monkeys
AKA Helen and Amy

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