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How to throw a cheap Toowoomba Christmas party!

The festive season is upon us and it’s time to start planning your Toowoomba Christmas party! 

We have started roasting turkey, stocking up on rum ( … for cooking … ), testing cherry shortbread recipes and slicing leg ham. 

The first Christmas parties have started, and it is juggling time. 

So how can you make your Toowoomba Christmas party easier, not break the bank and have joy in the time you are spending together?  

These are our top tips: 


There are some great inexpensive venues around Toowoomba for all sizes of groups. You don’t have to go to a restaurant or stay in the office. 

Laurel Bank Park. There are hall and croquet club hiring options, plus play equipment and lovely gardens.

Queens Park. Play equipment plus pretty things to look at.

Middle Ridge Park (Stenner Street). Hire the tennis courts and use the kids playgrounds.

Newtown Rose Gardens (Taylor Street). Another hall for hire and gorgeous surrounds.


My recommendation would be to choose earlier or later. This means the last two weeks in November, the last week before the Christmas break or late January! During these times people started to wind down for time away or are either still thinking about Christmas.


There are so many times in the day, be creative! What about a Christmas brunch? Or a late lunch? Or a twilight picnic?  


If you are going to book something in, consider booking in October or early November. That way you will get your choice of venues, dates, times and caterers. 

Service style

Keep costs down by using a “drop and run” style of caterer. The less service you have on the day, the less the cost.


I would recommend that you source your own. There are licensing issues (alcoholic drinks) if you get these through your caterer and they will always have to add a margin on to something that you can easily purchase yourself.  


Spring for a caterer! While it might cost you more in money, it will save you in angst and preparation time. This also saves you from dealing with mixed dietary requirements. If you are on a tight budget, consider doing a BBQ. Buy your meats directly from the butcher and buy large salads and sweet treats from a caterer. 

Hope this helps and we wish you the very best in your Toowoomba Christmas party planning!

Amy Thompson (Head Monkey)

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